Monday, 24 September 2012


Fancy winning my latest 'Lou Loves This Doll'? Read on dear readers....

I'd like you to meet Clara.... whilst making Clara, she tried to tell me that her name was Autumn, but she was fibbing, her name, in full, is Clara-Belle III....Clara is quite proper and oh so sweet and charming, she always says please and thank you, has excellent table manners and is rather fond of french pastries! (aren't we all??) 

She told me lately that she is an aspiring artist and longs to travel, so after a long chat we decided that she should set of on some adventures of her own, it's time for her to fly the coup. So... her satchel is fully stocked with pencils and a brand new sketchbook, for her to draw all the lovely new things and people she will see....... she and I are really excited...

Would you like Clara to come live with you? If so head on over to Oh By Golly, where the lovely Jacklyn is hosting a giveaway!! Yay!

Jacklyn in one of the loveliest, wittiest, most stylish ladies in blogland... You should make yourself a cuppa and peruse her posts, she is a funny gal (read the one about Headbanging to Billy Idol... I choked on my tea laughing!) Anyways... she has supported and encouraged by fledgling online craftiness right from the get-go, she's a doll! Thanks Jacklyn <3

So go....What you waiting for? Head on over and enter the giveaway... There is lots of ways where you can score yourself some extra entries, follow our blogs, pinterests, twitters etc... and Clara could be hot-footing her cute self to your humble abode.

Remember, she is COMPLETELY hand-stitched, every bit... I even made the minute pom-poms on her red cape, her little hair 'bobbles', her rather retro t-bar shoes, and her satchel, which is filled with a pencil case, pencils and a sketchbook all lovingly made by me! She stands at just over 12".

Also to celebrate I am offering a 10% discount on my Etsy Shop  from now until 14th October 2012, and remember I am happy to accept custom orders, so you could place your Christmas order now with your 10% discount... just sayin' ;)

Just enter this code:
OK, so one more thing.... here is a totally completely, utterly gratuitous photo of mah boy, Rookie....
Would you look at him? That face..... that face is my most favourite thing in the world... that face gets kissed 4 million times a day.... in this photo that face is sayin' 'OMG... did you just say the word 'walk?'
Who is your most favourite face in the world?

(ps click on the pics to see them bigger!)

** Please note... Clara is not recommended for very young children, due to small parts, she is intended more for display, she is made from high quality wool-mix felt, cotton fabric, and fibre filling, other materials include paper, fimo clay and acrylic paints**

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hey Dollface...

Hi everyone!! Wanna see what I have been working on?

My Dollface Brooch Collection
These are the lovely little ladies in my 'Dollface Brooch Collection'. They are teensy tiny little dollfaces, only 2 " wide! I'm tellin' ya, there is something about sewing miniature things, I really love it! They came about when I was thinking of a small project for the girls at my Saturday Stitches Club... the rest, as they say is history ;)
 Beau was first, I like to think of her as sweet and very fashion conscious! She has a mini mint bow in her pretty pink hair...

Next up is Rose.... she is graceful and sophisticated... she has the tiniest dusky pink rose in her hair...
Miss Poppy was the next wee Dollface to emerge from my needle... let me tell you, she is a sassy little lady, prone to the occasional diva strop! Her flamboyant hair accessory fits her character perfectly...
Blossom is very cute and very girly, and she always wears a few cherry blossoms in her hair... it's her signature look don't ya know!
The Girls are all available now in my Etsy Shop ...
Thanks for dropping by, see you all soon...
PS Is anyone else excited that their favourite tv shows all start back again this month??? I am I am I am!
Louise x