Saturday, 16 March 2013

Grumpy Bonnie

Sometimes, when making a doll or a softie, I am very conscious of letting it's character kinda develop as I'm stitching, I usually have a very definite idea of colour and theme, but there is a certain delight in turning your new creation right side out and seeing a little wonky ear or a jubilant little face!

Case in point.... here's Wee Grumpy Bonnie....

Bonnie came about as I was making some softies for my Girls at the Saturday Stitches Club... and I got to thinking that I have never made a teddy bear! I foresaw a cute, huggable bear that could be found permanently tucked under her owners arm, getting dragged along for nap times.
What I got was a little sourpuss!!!.... Look at the sulky expression! I LOVE her grumpy wee face! In fact, I love her so much that I'm keeping her... she's my little companion as I sew...
Ahem... I think she kinda disproves of the mess that is my crafting desk!!
I'm thinking that some version of Bonnie will end up in my Etsy shop, I would probably give her a little pot-belly, change the ear placement slightly and use a different technique to attach the limbs...
Happy accidents, eh? Have you had any recently?
In other news, it was my birthday yesterday :) I don't usually really bother to celebrate it much but this year, I had the loveliest day. I was taken for dinner (twice this week! Once on Wednesday and again last night) and had some retail therapy, I erm.. went a little crazy with the Soap & Glory ... I may have a problem lol.
Thanks for stopping by <3

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Miss Betty Bee

Oh My!! Has it really been that long? I think it's safe to say that one lost ones mojo! :) I'm not sure what happened really... I have a tendency to want to hibernate every now and then, especially in the dark winter months...
Anyways, I am back in fighting form, with lots to share! So without further ado.... please meet Miss Betty Bee!
Little Betty has been floating about in my head for ages.... I originally sketched her months ago and was always gathering the materials and the bits n' pieces I would need for her, then all of a sudden, perhaps two weeks ago, I just HAD to make her!!
My original sketch for Miss Betty Bee...
It usually happens that way for me, a particular idea will stick in my mind  I'll mull it over and think of nothing else... So as inspiration hit, I quickly pulled out the stash of yellow and black that I had gathered and got to stitchin'!
Miss Betty Bee is flamboyant and creative, she loves to sing and dance, in fact I'm pretty sure she longs to be a Broadway Superstar.... she wants her name up in lights!!

Again, she is entirely hand stitched by moi, and she will soon be available in my Etsy store.

I am in full on sewing mode these last few days, and I currently have the cutest wee Polar Bear (her name is Patti... I think..) on my desk waiting for her new dress.... I shan't keep her waiting..
Until next time, which wont be another 3 months... promise! I gots lots  of  little dolls and critters and news to share, and I am super excited to be doing a swap with the lovely Denae from Ami Amore she makes the most darling teeny tiny amigurumis, you should check out her pretty blog :)