Sunday, 29 July 2012

Meet Saffi...

This is Saffi, one of my latest little softies. I had originally made my friend, Bridgeen, a fox softie and loved her so much I made a mini version of her!! I made a few slight changes to her face, ears and skirt but that's about it. believe me when I say that it was a challenge working with little tiny pieces of felt for her peter pan collar and scalloped cuffs.



I had been wanting to make B a softie for ages and so out came Felicity Fox, Bridgeen blogged about her here.

I have been consumed with making these wee dolls lately, even though there is plenty of other things that I should be doing! I am teaching an embroidery class in a few weeks as part of August Craft Month here in the city, I have loads of stitchin' and prep needin doin! But today I have decided to spend my Sunday embroidering a Jenny Hart Pattern ( the little folk birds from her Dutch-Russian pattern sheet- which, incidentally Bridgeen got me at part of my birthday pressie...  ain't she a lovely friend? ) and maybe watch some terrible movies.... I just love a good corny movie :)

I'm thinkin', maybe a cushion?

Thanks for stoppin' by,  I'd love you hear what you think....

Louise x

Monday, 23 July 2012

Daisy Blueshoes

So, here I find myself, finally! I have been sitting on this blog for a long time! I am so excited to, at last, get it started.

I thought to kick it all off I would share something I recently made. So let me introduce you to Daisy Blueshoes!

I finished this little cutie a few weeks ago and I took her along to the little sewing class that I teach on Saturday mornings, the class is for kids aged 7 and up and we call ourselves the 'Saturday Stitches Club'! Anyways, I took her along and asked the girlies to name her, they decided on Daisy Blueshoes, I think it's a sweet name, and very self explanatory, :)

She is completely hand stitched from felt and cotton and stands at around 15". I am quite fond of her indeed, but I suspect she will find herself on sale in my 'soon to be open' Etsy shop!

So who else make softies, dolls, stuffies, plushies etc? What do you love about making them? I love working on all the little details, and the excuse to let my inner nine year old run wild :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Louise... x