Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Off to see the Wizard...


So, a little while ago, I got a query from a lovely mummy, Claire, asking if I could possibly make a Dorothy doll for her daughter, Lily's birthday..... now, if you know me you know that I LOVE and I mean LOVE The Wizard of Oz... I jumped at the chance, I was willing to beg her to let me do it if need be :)

As a kid I would often watch a little bit of the movie whilst eating my cereal before school! I watched it whenever I have the chance really, but only from the part where Dorothy opens the door and finds herself in Munchkin Land! I also remember my much coveted ladybird book and compendium of Frank L Baum stories that my Dad gave me.

Claire told me how her Daughter is a massive Oz fan and dresses up all the time as Dorothy and sings all the songs, I was even more excited about making her doll, my head swam with ideas...

I used quite a few techniques that I hadn't used in other dolls, I drew up new pattern pieces for her hair, blouse, dress, shoes... all of these were new designs, I added braids too, which I have never done before. I wanted to add as many authentic details as possible, like the tiny blue triangle trim around her blouse collar and sleeves, I even sketched Judy's iconic pout to embroider.

Of course the best part of all this stichin' was the ruby slippers! I had to restrain myself from making them first, before I even had body pattern pieces cut!

Cant forget her basket and little Toto either!

And finally, hands down my favourite part of this whole doll making thing that I do is this ......

Lily and her Dorothy.
Hope you had a lovely birthday Lily :) It was a pleasure to make your Dorothy doll :)

P.S this is a much larger design that is available to order, if you would like your own custom made 'Lou Doll' then get in touch with me via email or facebook :)