Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sweet little Adelyn...

Pull up a pew, get comfy... I wanna tell you a story...
Adelyn with her package. What's inside?
So, one night, a short while back I was at my desk, busy sewing away, watching 'Columbo'.... my tea supply had run out so I popped to the kitchen for a refill, upon my return I check my mail and BAM! There it was..... confirmation of my first ETSY sale!!

I'm not really sure what I did for the first few seconds.... I'm sure I made some audible sound, maybe did a little dance, maybe both.... but I know I got real excited.... I hurried to find out who bought what and from where....

That's how I met Avril and her sweet-pea of a daughter Adelyn... only virtually met them of course, they live in Saskatoon in Canada!

Avril left me the loveliest note explaining that she fell in love with Daisy and that this little kitty was intended for her young daughter, but she would be on display until Adelyn was a bit older... so we messaged back and forth for a while whilst I worried endlessly about Daisy's journey via the postal system and her safe arrival at her new home.

I needn't have worried.... Daisy arrived with Addie safe and sound, and her Mum sent me these photos of her opening the package.... Have you ever seen anything so sweet?? Lemmie tell you, I was overjoyed to see this! As a maker of softies and dolls there is nothing more affirming or encouraging than seeing this gorgeous little girl with something I made! Check out her wee hands and look of determination, trying to open the package..... I love it!!

I LOVE these two photos of her..... look at that happy baby! (also, would you look at the outfit?.... I have a new doll percolating in my head with a cable knit cardi, ballet pumps, a bit of denim, flowers in her hair.. I may even call her Adelyn or Addie!!)

So  got to know a little more about my new little buddy... she has 3 older brothers, yup 3 big bros.. and by all accounts they are crazy about their new little sister...  I reckon that Garrison (10), Brandston (7) and Hayden (5) will be the best big brothers and have her spoiled rotten :)

The Boys!


And here is the lovely family all together...
So many thanks Avril and Garrett and your lovely kids.... I started with my first Etsy doll sale and ended up with a few new friends from Canada!!!

I must dash off now... there is two little Halloween dolls that are requiring some finishing touches and they're getting quite grouchy about it!

(PS..... all the images were used with Avril's strictest permission)


  1. Hi Louise, dear! This is everything lovely! What a wonderful journey this has been... coming across your shop, meeting you & gaining a pen pal in this modern age, Addie finding a forever friend in Daisy & now this story! We've treasure every moment! The idea of you maybe making a doll inspired by our daughter is the cherry on top! Until next time...

  2. Congratulations on your first sale and to a lovely customer too!! I loved your story and Daisy is a beautiful doll, I'm sure Addie will cherish her for a very long time~

  3. What a lovely family your precious doll went to. It's so much fun making new friends!

  4. First sale in Canada! (Yesssss!)


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