Thursday, 1 November 2012

Baby Beluga Custom Doll

So a little while back I received my first custom order! Excited!! The customer in question was an old friend of mine, Trish, that I haven't seen in years... That made the whole thing extra special :)

I first met Trish at school.. Primary 5, I believe, which made us about 9 years old.... Trish had a Teddy Ruxpin, lol everyone was fascinated with it, I mean... it was a teddy bear and it TALKED! Anyways I ain't seen her in a loooong time, but she is having her first baby and it's a wee girl!

Trish, and Daddy to be, Michael, explained that baby seems to like it when they played this song so, Baby Beluga became her nickname!  Isn't that so sweet? I was given an ocean themed design brief and I got to stitchin'....

I LOVED every second of making this doll, I am really sentimental, and I just thought it was so lovely to be privy to Baby Beluga's story, she hasn't been born yet, but it is so obvious that her parents already love her so much! The doll came to me almost instantly... often, the things I make form very clearly in my head.... the challenge then is to make it look like I imagined.

Here's my initial sketch with a very un-stuffed Baby Beluga doll !

Again, she is completely hand stitched, and this time around I done a few things a little differently, I added extra stuffing, which gave her a much better feel and weight, I added some of my new 'Lou Loves This..' printed labels to the back (which of course I have no pic of lol), but I also added a little belly button and I think it's so cute!
She got a cute felt shell hair accessory, matching shell adorned shoes and a string of pearls (which are removable for when baby will be playing with her).

Her dress is lined with the softest polka dot tulle and has her name emblazoned on the back!
She comes complete with her own pet Beluga and Starfish...
And now for the part of this post that I am most excited about..... Here is the little lady herself.....
Ohhh... look at her! She's even waving at us :)
Thanks again Trish and Michael, for the task of making Baby Beluga's namesake... it was an honour! I hope you love her as much as I did making her and even more, I hope your beautiful baby girl loves her too :)
And remember you can check out my Etsy store and get in touch of you have an idea for your own custom 'Lou Loves This...' doll... it does take around two weeks for design and completion so get your orders in early for Crimbo!
On another note.... my knitting bug has bitten again, I always considered myself a knitter first and foremost, but I ain't really knitted much this year, but now that the weather has turned I find myself yearning to curl up with my fave movie and some needles and yarn... I am working on 4 dolls simultaneously at the mo, but at night I am pulling out an afghan blanket that I have had on the needles for over 3 years... yes, 3 years... I kid you not! lol
What are you all working on/watching? I am loving the 2nd season of Once Upon a Time!!!
P.S Click on the pics to see them bigger
See y'all soon :)



  1. She's gorgeous Louise!! So beautiful! I love everything about her too! The belly button is adorable and the little whale is such a cutie, her hair is perfect! I might just have to get one of these dolls for myself! Tho, I'd want a mini one, would that be difficult?

    I'm just finishing up season 1 of Once Upon A Time and I love it!! I'll be watching season 2 as well! One show that I've been wanting to watch is Sherlock, have you seen any of it? If so, do you like it?

    Anywho, great job on the doll! I'm sure the parents and the little girl will love it and keep it for years and years to come!


  2. Thank you Denae!! You are such a sweetie:) I would make you anything and any size you wanted :)

    Isn't Once Upon a Time just brilliant?? I can hardly stand the suspense or all the questions each episode leaves hanging!!! And I'm telling you .... I can't even explain how good Sherlock is, I watched the first season with my Dad... edge of our seats from start to finish! The 2nd season was even better!

    1. You're welcome! :D I'll have to think about what I'd like then go over it with you :} I have in mind something about 4" tall or so.. idk I <3 your animal dolls so much, like the fox is cute! So maybe it would be along those lines.

      It is brilliant! I love the twist on all the old stories! Sherlock sounds like a show my husband and I would love!! We'll look it up! Thanks Louise!!

  3. I have a three year old blanket hibernating, too! Love your dolly. :D

    1. lol... everytime I take it out I say... 'This time I'm finishing it'!... then it goes back in to it's hiding place! :)

  4. Oh Lou! How very special! I LOVE this doll, and I'm sure they will too. Good work friend!

    1. Jacklyn!!! Thank you :) I hope you are well? and nicely settled in your new house <3


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