Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Jaelyn & Isabel

Look what dropped into my inbox a few days ago!!! This beautiful photo shoot of Jaelyn and her new little buddy, Isabel Owl...

Jaelyn's Mum, the lovely Jenny from Wright By Me got in touch a few weeks ago wanting an owl doll to match the new decor of her daughters room. The colour palette was coral, hot pink, creamy white and a touch of gold. Now really..... She couldn't have given me a better colour scheme!!

Detail of Jaelyn's room with little Isabel perched on her shelf!

It's great to be able to craft on a whim and create whatever you want, but to be given a design brief and the task of making something to someone elses specifications, well that's great for exercising the creative muscles... invaluable!


When Jenny sent me these photos of Jaelyn, (isn't she just gorgeous?) I was over the moon!! This wasn't something I expected when I started this little venture last Summer... I didn't expect to make such lovely connections with people, and for them to show me my dolls in their new home... I get a real kick out of that!!

So thank you Jenny and Jaelyn, for the challenge and for the beautiful photos, you made this girl very happy indeed :)

Jaelyn opening Isabel... I LOVE these pics!!

Please check out Jennys beautiful blog Wright By Me , she does some serious diy, decor and party planning!


  1. Love your Isabel and Jaelyn! Both so so sweet! What a beautiful gift! Eventually ill do that for my 5 mo. old. Just not as handy with the stitching!
    xoxo Carly

  2. Awww! Isabel is so beautiful! Perfect for such a pretty little girl! She's going to remember that doll for the rest of her life!

    I love your dolls, Louise!



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