Saturday, 12 April 2014

Luna Lapin...

I know, I know, its been too long... I think I you hibernate? I may be making a habit of it judging by the last few winters lol. Anyways Spring has finally sprung and I am awfully glad! We are in full on 'up-and-at-'em' mode at Chez Lou. Things have been going well for my little dollies, I had a crazy busy Christmas, stitching 12 or 13 hours a day, not that I'm complaining... I LOVED it! I stitched some tattooed dolls and made a little artist and even stitched a whole family of five children, ! I should do a montage and share some photos soon.

I digress... I wanted to share with you my version of Cool Crafting's Luna Lapin...

Isn't she lovely? I am in love with her! I was lucky enough to be at the Creative Stiches and Hobbycraft Show in Glasgow recently and Cool Crafting were our sweet neighbours for the four days of the show, I spotted Luna on set up day and knew she was coming home with me! She comes as a kit that has everything you need, including some beautiful liberty fabric for her dress! I also picked up a kit for her coat, she has a whole wardrobe of clothes that you can make for her!

Speaking of her coat....

I want one just like it please! The pattern is perfectly written and, as I mentioned, has everything you need down to the very thread! I hand stitched all of her, that's my preferred method, but you could absolutely use a machine for her dress and coat... I just love all the wee details!

I think she needs a beau.... maybe he's a sailor, with a moustache and a navy pea coat? Maybe his name is Bill, or Doug? I named her CĂ©line by the way... which I'm told means moon.

I hope everyone is feeling the joys of Spring....


  1. I went into total hibernate-mode this winter too, blogging has taken a bit of a backseat in my life this winter and I'm finding it hard to be excited to write new posts. I think i'm just running low on inspiration :)

    I love Luna! You did an amazing job, as always ;) Her coat is fantastic! Each detail is so perfect! I can't wait to see the dolls you made over the winter!

  2. This is just gorgeous, have just got my kit today and can't wait to start.


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