Sunday, 13 April 2014


Little Roma was a custom made order from before Christmas that I really should have shared before now! She was ordered by the lovely Natasha who told me that the real Roma was crazy about art, so we thought it was only fitting that her dolly namesake was too!!

I made her artists palette from felt, using teeny pieces for the 'paint' which I pressed, rolled and sort of felted them on to the main piece, I sculpted the tiny paintbrush from fimo clay!

I never really expected for the majority of my work to be custom orders when I initially started Lou Loves This, but I am more than happy that it is! It is easily my favourite kind of work, and very healthy for the creative muscles! I love hearing each story, who the doll is for and why, what colours to use, personality traits......

Roma's little hairband is made from turquoise Irish Linen with felt and her dress is made from Liberty fabric. Don't you just love the print of this? I get all of my Liberty pieces from the lovely Alice Caroline.

I hope everyone is having a perfectly lazy Sunday! I am working on and owl made from Donegal Tweed that will be flitting off to France soon, which is not a bad way to spend a Sunday :)

Oh, and if you would like a custom made Lou Loves This doll of your own or for someone special, drop me a line! All my links are over there on the right, the best place to get me is on my Facebook page.

Lou x


  1. Beautiful job! I can't wait to see your owl. I love owls!

  2. :) thank you Jill! I am quite partial to owls myself... I wonder what it is about them?

  3. Super cute!!!


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