Thursday, 9 October 2014

Miss Lily Bee

Invariably, I love every doll I make, otherwise I would never hand them over, but sometimes I become particularly enamoured with one, my heart swells with pride and I indulge my ego, for just a second with a pat on the back.
Miss Lily bee was one such doll...

I think I may have mentioned this before, but you are never quite sure how a little face will work out or how symmetrical a hair-do will be until it is finished.... until it is embroidered, turned out and stuffed. I kinda love that, each one has their own character and I'm really pleased how Lily came out.


Miss Lily Bee was made for Lily who, after perusing lots of 'Lou Doll' photos over on my facebook page, chose the theme, hair colour and all the little details herself! I think she did great! What was even better was that I got to meet Lily herself, when she, along with her lovely Mum and Brother, came to collect her new doll. That really was such a pleasure for me as I don't often get to see that first reaction. It was lovely to see Lily give her new dolly hugs and check out her dress and shoes.....
On another note..... The Christmas order book is almost full, so if you would like your own custom Lou Doll then head on over to my facebook page or drop me an email, I'd love to hear from you, also I am now taking bookings for 2015, so if you have an idea in mind for a special birthday, anniversary, wedding etc. then get in touch :)

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  1. Miss Lily Bee is a darling!! I love every little detail!


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